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We are Cryft LLC


Use Cryft to put crypto into the hands of your friends and family.

“Gift the moon with Cryft”


2.5 BNB (BEP20)
  • Free Memory Minting
  • Free CryftMark NFTs
  • Plant 10 Trees/yr


1.75 BNB (BEP20)
  • Free CryftMark NFTs
  • Plant 7 Trees/yr
  • Member Lounge Pass


1 BNB (BEP20)
  • 50% Off CryftMark NFTs
  • Plant 5 Trees/yr
  • Priority Cryft Card Orders


.5 BNB (BEP20)
  • 25% Off CryftMark NFTs
  • Plant 3 Trees/yr
  • Priority Cryft Card Orders

What is Cryft LLC?

Cryft Cards and (CRYFT) Coins create the first cryptocurrency gift cards with a dedicated community and ecosystem.

Cryft Ecosystem
With physical gift cards in your local store, and digital Holiday to Birthday NFT cards, Cryft makes it easier than ever to give, learn and interact with the latest blockchain assets.
Coin Holder Rewards
Cryft Coin (CRYFT) is created and developed as a SafeMoon fork. Meaning we have Tokenomics! (CRYFT) Holders pay 5% tax buy/sell/transfer with 5% getting distributed among all current holders.
Cryft Innovations
The Cryft Team is constantly developing easier to use software and hardware for individuals on any experience level. The next peer you gift physical Cryft "Gift" Cards, will actually understand what they received.
Tax = 5% on Buy, Sell & Transfer

The Team

Chad Scully

Chad Scully

Founder & DEV

Branden Carrisalez

Branden Carrisalez

Chief Communications Officer

Josh Mink

Josh Mink

Sr. Project Advisor

Stefanie Willis

Stefanie Willis

Social Media Expert

Garrett Hutslar

Garrett Hutslar

Financial Advisor

Don Bailey

Don Bailey

Marketing Expert

Leet Coins

Leet Coins

Security Advisor


Green = Done

Yellow = In Process

Red = To Do

Cryft Card Dashboard

Try the *Beta* Cryft Card Dashboard Today

Market Research

Test Marketing Completed at Local Shop

CRYFT Presale

Launch the Official CRYFT Coin Presale


Add BEP20 & ERC20 to Card Dashboard

Register LLC

Cryft LLC Registration Submitted Through Zen Business!

CRYFT Contract Audit

CRYFT Coin Contract Passed Audit/KYC by Dessert Finance

Physical Cryft Cards

Aluminum Stamped Cryft Cards Tied to Wallets. Gift Physical Crypto Now!

SafeMoon Swap

CRYFT will do its Best to be Listed on SafeMoon Swap & Exchange

CryftMark NFTs

Enable Purchase & Gifting of Holiday/Birthday Cards

Mobile App

Get a Native Cryft Card Dashboard on Your Mobile Device


Add a Swap & Exchange Function to the Cryft Card Dashboard

Small Business Kiosk

Create CryftKiosk for Small Business Shops


Get Cryft Cards in Every Checkout Aisle/Counter Possible

Roadmap Goals are Subject to Change Without Notice


Frequently Asked Questions

Cryft Card is a physical and digital gift card for cryptocurrency and NFTs. Cryft Cards make it easier than ever to gift cryptocurrency and NFTs to any of your peers. We continue to simplify engagement with crypto assets for even the newest users.  

Yes! All net profit from selling Cryft Card merchandise will be burnt to the official BSC Burn address. We will host coin burning polls and events as well!
Burn Address:

You can send and receive cryptocurrency and NFTs directly from your Cryft Card dashboard. Click Here

It is, though not your average one! Your Cryft Card account is simplified for all users. We also offer free (secure) cold storage to all users!

We currently support Bitcoin Cash (BCH) for the beta stages. ERC20 and BEP20 tokens will be integrated upon community requests. While Bitcoin (BTC), Dash (DASH), Litecoin (LTC) and Ethereum (ETH) are ready now and will be added after beta.

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